I have recently noticed the amount of new TV shows that are getting cancelled. Some are shows that have so much potential but for whatever reason don’t take off.  Maybe It’s because they are on the wrong network or In the wrong time slot or the wrong day. Who the hell knows why? There’s no point in trying to guess.

99% of the time you won’t be able too.

If you look at the reasons why the chances are the reason will be low ratings. Honestly? I think that’s an Excuse. I understand that it won’t always be possible to move shows about or put the on different days but at least try and make It work. If you have to cancel after that then fine but don’t just cancel them for no apparent reason.

I mean come on.  I know they have to consider ratings and everything but to cancel TV shows so soon is going to lead to A LOT of Annoyed Viewers.

Honestly, not everyone is going to want to sit down for an hour every night and watch a TV program. We all have lives. I wonder if networks pay attention to the online views. There are those of us that have no choice in whether we watch them online. We have to as the shows aren’t available through proper TV Channels. I know some networks probably do and that’s good. That is very much the way TV Is Going what with streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Now TV all in play.




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