Who wants to talk about how amazing American Horror Story: Hotel Is?


I love It. I’ve watched the first several episodes over and over again. I didn’t know what to expect after the Freak Show (pun intended) of a previous season. I hated that one. I thought it was absolutely awful. This one however….It presses all the buttons and checks all the boxes for me.

What makes it that much better is how amazing Lady Gaga is in it. I never really pegged her as an actress but She is brilliant as The Countess.

I love her.

One of The other person I love Is Evan Peters. He is brilliant as Mr March. I did not recognise when I first saw him on my laptop Screen. I actually had to look him up.Since then I’ve spent several weeks trying to figure out who his character reminds me of.

Last week it finally hit me.

He reminds me of Mason Verger (The TV series version.) It’s the way he speaks.

While I was watching Flicker, I thought what a pair they make. Then I watched it again. This time I focused on Rudolph and Natacha, his wife. Did they really think that Mr  March would allow them to run off with his (very willing) wife?

Of course he wouldn’t allow it. He’s a very Powerful man. What I mean to say is that he has connections and enough money that if he wants to make people disappear he can.

He was not about to let anyone take away his wife.  So he had men knock them out.

When they woke up they found that they had been walled up in a Corridor of The Hotel where they stayed until Will Drake’s workmen uncovered and tore down the wall that trapped them in their Prison.

He let them out. Unintentionally though as he had no idea they were in there.

It’s understandable that Rudy and Natacha want revenge.

The Countess better watch her back.







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