So who has been watching Agents of Shield?

Raises a hand.

I have to admit though that I am becoming bored of Coulson. How many time can he rush into situations relying on nothing but his emotions. It’s a damned good thing he has such a marvelous team to help him out though.

Without them He’d almost certainly be dead or worse. With that said, the other thing that gets on my nerves is his almost endless faith in people. I just want to hit him. Over the head. with several large books. He annoys me that much.

I don’t get annoyed about lots.

Coulson is one of those things though.

Ward, on the other hand, Could commit all sorts of horrible acts and I wouldn’t bat an eye.

Wait though? He already has.

And…I still don’t care.

I love Ward. He’s been through so much in his life, Or more accurately, Put others through so much in his life. Somehow though no matter what people do to him he bounces back and that is a pretty handy quality to have in Life.

I was cursing Coulson when he killed Ward. I didn’t want him to die.

That Ending though.

I was so happy to see Ward Alive.

I hope he gives Coulson Hell. I will be Cheering him on from the Sidelines.



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