The Vampire Diaries (Or as I secretly call it, The Fang Chronicles.)

*Spoilers ahead If you haven’t seen the most recent TVD Episode.*

Lets chat about those Salvatore Boys, shall we?

What a wild ride they are having this season. I mean it. They are like a minefield. One wrong step and everything blows up in the others faces.

Take the most recent episode as an example. Once again Stefan proved that he has to have the glory. He has to be the hero. Lets face it though, Stefan will always try and be a hero. The only time he doesn’t is when that switch is in the off position or he’s in full on ripper mode. Honestly? grooming his hero hair is what he does best. He is, for all intents and purposes, the good guy. He always puts other people’s need’s before his own. I find it annoying though; I find heroes in general annoying. They just don’t do it for me.

Despite this I do still feel sorry for him sometimes. The poor guy just can’t catch a break. The heretics (The fun loving bunch that they are) kidnapped Caroline and the first love of his life (who just so happens to be The First Heretic) cast a spell on her. Then as soon as they got rid of the spell, Caroline finds out she is pregnant with the previously thought dead Gemini Twins.

Talk about unfortunate.

Villains and Bad Boys, on the other hand, are right up my street. I love them, It’s always been this way. I find myself rooting for the villains. I find them so much more entertaining and fun. Damon Salvatore For example.

Now Damon.. he’s so dreamy. I don’t even need to mention that thing he does with those eyes of his. Sure he’s has done some bad, maybe even terrible, things but he always has a reason. Apart from when somebody pisses him off. It’s bound to happen though. Hello, Have you met the guy? He doesn’t care who he upsets as long as he gets results. It also means he has a lot of enemies though.

What is Damon Salvatore if he’s not a bad boy?

Despite all of this I still love the guy. Who doesn’t?

Seriously, I’d love to know.


Edit – 1/02/16:

What the Fuck is going on with the most recent Episode of TVD?

Seriously, Can someone fill me in?

I watched it. I thought it was good until they played a game of change-your-mind. It was like they couldn’t decide what they wanted to do. Though, I’ll forgive them.

They gave us that ending, afterall.

Let’s discuss, shall we?


Edit -04/03/16

Let’s Talk about the newest hunter: Reyna Cruz. God, I love her. I don’t know why though. Maybe It’s to do with my intolerance of people, Maybe it’s that I’m a pint sized pistol who doesn’t give a shit what people think of me. ¬†Yeah that’s probably it.

Let’s move onto Caroline, Shall we? So she’s had her babies. Was a bit traumatic but she’s absolutely fine. and¬†Seriously, how cute are Alaric’s Twins? I don’t Blame her for wanting to stay.

One look at those face’s (yes that includes Alaric’s) and I’d want too as well.

Edit – 09/08/16

So I recently found out that not only is season 8 going to be shorter – about 16 episodes, I think – It’s also the End. To be honest, I’m kinda glad. Seriously, I love TVD But It’s dragged on a bit. I honestly think that this past season has been a bit choppy like it couldn’t decide it wanted to be good or bad.

Peace Out.