Sorry I’m Late, Lucifer.

Sorry I’m Late, Lucifer.

I know I’m late too the party but how good is Lucifer? I keep asking myself why I haven’t watched it before now. I’m kicking Myself. I love it. I love Him.

I’ve watched it three times in as many days. His Relationship with Detective Decker is pure gold. They are made for each other (no not in that way.) I love their Friendship. I love how they tease each other with Flirtation. I love how they don’t cross that boundary and go from flirtatious to serious. I honestly hope It never happens. I Think I’ll be disappointed if it does happen.

Another friendship I like is Lucifer and Mazikeen. Just look at those grins. ^^^  Oh, Maze. Now Maze Is someone I’d want in my corner in a fight.

Have you seen her moves? Who would want someone like that on their side? Also, She doesn’t like many people so we have that In common. She’s loyal If she does like you.

Just don’t use her as a pawn. She doesn’t like that.

Also, How cute Is Trixie?

I Love Her.


I will post more later.

That’s all for tonight.  Right Now? I have a hot date…..with my pillow.

Feel free to discuss in the comments.