Hi there. How do you do?.

Does anyone watch Vikings? I’ve Started to watch it. I didn’t think I’d get very far into as It’s not really my sort of thing.

Boy did it Surprise Me, though. So much so that I couldn’t stop watching it.

Now? I’m counting down the days to It’s return. I Can’t wait.

I swear though, If Ragnar Dies this season I’m going to lose it. He’s one of the best People in the show. In fact I think I’ll start a Ragnar Lothbrok Appreciation Society (If no one has already.)

Do you remember the time he faked his death and used it as a way to infiltrate Paris?

Yeah. That time. I swear my heart skipped a beat. while we’re on the subject of Hearts, Can we talk about Floki and How he holds a special place in mine.

Ah I love Floki.

and Helga.

We Can’t forget about Helga.

It wouldn’t be fair.

Not when She’s been through so much.

Anyway, Feel Free to Discuss this.

Peace Out.



20/12/2016 –

Ah…I’m so glad Vikings is back. I love it – I’m Obsessed with it.

Also, Can we talk about Ivar? How great is he!!!!!

He’s quickly becoming one of my favourite characters. I love the scenes he has with Margrethe (in episodes 11 and 12.)  I hope he has more scenes with her in later episodes. I do sort of feel sorry for her though – It seems he’s quite possessive of her and we all know that he has a temper; if that scene where he bellows and chases after Sigurd is anything to go on.

I also love the scenes he has with Ragnar.

It makes e happy that the father and Son are bonding. It’s good too watch.