Yes, I’m Alive.

Yes, I’m Alive.

Sorry I’ve Been Absent.

I haven’t really got much of an excuse other than Life got in the way. However, I’ve decided it’s time to dust off the cobwebs and get back into this. I MAY Branch out So It’s not just TV Reviews on here. I will definitely try and Do This Every Day from Now on.

I’m a bit rusty when it comes to writing though so you’ll have to bear with me while I Find my feet again.





Hi there. How do you do?.

Does anyone watch Vikings? I’ve Started to watch it. I didn’t think I’d get very far into as It’s not really my sort of thing.

Boy did it Surprise Me, though. So much so that I couldn’t stop watching it.

Now? I’m counting down the days to It’s return. I Can’t wait.

I swear though, If Ragnar Dies this season I’m going to lose it. He’s one of the best People in the show. In fact I think I’ll start a Ragnar Lothbrok Appreciation Society (If no one has already.)

Do you remember the time he faked his death and used it as a way to infiltrate Paris?

Yeah. That time. I swear my heart skipped a beat. while we’re on the subject of Hearts, Can we talk about Floki and How he holds a special place in mine.

Ah I love Floki.

and Helga.

We Can’t forget about Helga.

It wouldn’t be fair.

Not when She’s been through so much.

Anyway, Feel Free to Discuss this.

Peace Out.



20/12/2016 –

Ah…I’m so glad Vikings is back. I love it – I’m Obsessed with it.

Also, Can we talk about Ivar? How great is he!!!!!

He’s quickly becoming one of my favourite characters. I love the scenes he has with Margrethe (in episodes 11 and 12.)  I hope he has more scenes with her in later episodes. I do sort of feel sorry for her though – It seems he’s quite possessive of her and we all know that he has a temper; if that scene where he bellows and chases after Sigurd is anything to go on.

I also love the scenes he has with Ragnar.

It makes e happy that the father and Son are bonding. It’s good too watch.





Sorry I’m Late, Lucifer.

Sorry I’m Late, Lucifer.

I know I’m late too the party but how good is Lucifer? I keep asking myself why I haven’t watched it before now. I’m kicking Myself. I love it. I love Him.

I’ve watched it three times in as many days. His Relationship with Detective Decker is pure gold. They are made for each other (no not in that way.) I love their Friendship. I love how they tease each other with Flirtation. I love how they don’t cross that boundary and go from flirtatious to serious. I honestly hope It never happens. I Think I’ll be disappointed if it does happen.

Another friendship I like is Lucifer and Mazikeen. Just look at those grins. ^^^  Oh, Maze. Now Maze Is someone I’d want in my corner in a fight.

Have you seen her moves? Who would want someone like that on their side? Also, She doesn’t like many people so we have that In common. She’s loyal If she does like you.

Just don’t use her as a pawn. She doesn’t like that.

Also, How cute Is Trixie?

I Love Her.


I will post more later.

That’s all for tonight.  Right Now? I have a hot date…..with my pillow.

Feel free to discuss in the comments.




We are (not all) legends of tomorrow.

We are (not all) legends of tomorrow.



I’ll start off by acknowledging that it has been awhile but I’m back.

Have any of you been watching Legends of Tomorrow? I have. I love It (well most parts anyway.) There are some parts that make me want to scream.

Those parts mostly involve Ray though.  I know most people probably like him but he annoys the crap out of me.

Like Kendra does but I’ll get to her in a moment.

Anyway, Back to Ray; The guy with the Hero Complex. I know having a hero complex isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I just find it annoying. It’s impossible to make the world right.  There has been too much damage done to it.

Yes, I’m aware that this is a TV Programme I’m talking about but still. It is impossible. It’s not just Rays hero complex that annoys me. I feel like he’s constantly whining and Moping about.

Get a grip man. It’s not all about you. That being said, I do feel sorry for him when it comes to Kendra.

Ah. Kendra, Kendra, Kendra.

She’s almost as bad. She does have that 4,000 year old relationship drama going on but you’d think she’d be able to let Ray down gently. Sure, She probably does love him but I’m guessing not as much as Ray loves her, despite saying yes to that Ring.  Kudos to her for leading him on for this long though.

Well Done, Kendra. you deserve a round of applause.

He has told her repeatedly how much he loves her and yet it takes Vandal Savage, Destroyer Of Worlds, who is quite possibly insane, help Ray see the truth that Kendra won’t dump him/let him go but that He’ll never be her one.  He’s just a substitute for Carter, who She doesn’t even seem to love either.

I can’t decide which one of them annoys me more.



Feel free to discuss this in the comments section!!!




The Vampire Diaries (Or as I secretly call it, The Fang Chronicles.)

*Spoilers ahead If you haven’t seen the most recent TVD Episode.*

Lets chat about those Salvatore Boys, shall we?

What a wild ride they are having this season. I mean it. They are like a minefield. One wrong step and everything blows up in the others faces.

Take the most recent episode as an example. Once again Stefan proved that he has to have the glory. He has to be the hero. Lets face it though, Stefan will always try and be a hero. The only time he doesn’t is when that switch is in the off position or he’s in full on ripper mode. Honestly? grooming his hero hair is what he does best. He is, for all intents and purposes, the good guy. He always puts other people’s need’s before his own. I find it annoying though; I find heroes in general annoying. They just don’t do it for me.

Despite this I do still feel sorry for him sometimes. The poor guy just can’t catch a break. The heretics (The fun loving bunch that they are) kidnapped Caroline and the first love of his life (who just so happens to be The First Heretic) cast a spell on her. Then as soon as they got rid of the spell, Caroline finds out she is pregnant with the previously thought dead Gemini Twins.

Talk about unfortunate.

Villains and Bad Boys, on the other hand, are right up my street. I love them, It’s always been this way. I find myself rooting for the villains. I find them so much more entertaining and fun. Damon Salvatore For example.

Now Damon.. he’s so dreamy. I don’t even need to mention that thing he does with those eyes of his. Sure he’s has done some bad, maybe even terrible, things but he always has a reason. Apart from when somebody pisses him off. It’s bound to happen though. Hello, Have you met the guy? He doesn’t care who he upsets as long as he gets results. It also means he has a lot of enemies though.

What is Damon Salvatore if he’s not a bad boy?

Despite all of this I still love the guy. Who doesn’t?

Seriously, I’d love to know.


Edit – 1/02/16:

What the Fuck is going on with the most recent Episode of TVD?

Seriously, Can someone fill me in?

I watched it. I thought it was good until they played a game of change-your-mind. It was like they couldn’t decide what they wanted to do. Though, I’ll forgive them.

They gave us that ending, afterall.

Let’s discuss, shall we?


Edit -04/03/16

Let’s Talk about the newest hunter: Reyna Cruz. God, I love her. I don’t know why though. Maybe It’s to do with my intolerance of people, Maybe it’s that I’m a pint sized pistol who doesn’t give a shit what people think of me.  Yeah that’s probably it.

Let’s move onto Caroline, Shall we? So she’s had her babies. Was a bit traumatic but she’s absolutely fine. and Seriously, how cute are Alaric’s Twins? I don’t Blame her for wanting to stay.

One look at those face’s (yes that includes Alaric’s) and I’d want too as well.

Edit – 09/08/16

So I recently found out that not only is season 8 going to be shorter – about 16 episodes, I think – It’s also the End. To be honest, I’m kinda glad. Seriously, I love TVD But It’s dragged on a bit. I honestly think that this past season has been a bit choppy like it couldn’t decide it wanted to be good or bad.

Peace Out.





Can We Talk About Ward?

Can We Talk About Ward?

So who has been watching Agents of Shield?

Raises a hand.

I have to admit though that I am becoming bored of Coulson. How many time can he rush into situations relying on nothing but his emotions. It’s a damned good thing he has such a marvelous team to help him out though.

Without them He’d almost certainly be dead or worse. With that said, the other thing that gets on my nerves is his almost endless faith in people. I just want to hit him. Over the head. with several large books. He annoys me that much.

I don’t get annoyed about lots.

Coulson is one of those things though.

Ward, on the other hand, Could commit all sorts of horrible acts and I wouldn’t bat an eye.

Wait though? He already has.

And…I still don’t care.

I love Ward. He’s been through so much in his life, Or more accurately, Put others through so much in his life. Somehow though no matter what people do to him he bounces back and that is a pretty handy quality to have in Life.

I was cursing Coulson when he killed Ward. I didn’t want him to die.

That Ending though.

I was so happy to see Ward Alive.

I hope he gives Coulson Hell. I will be Cheering him on from the Sidelines.


Check into Hotel.

Check into Hotel.

Who wants to talk about how amazing American Horror Story: Hotel Is?


I love It. I’ve watched the first several episodes over and over again. I didn’t know what to expect after the Freak Show (pun intended) of a previous season. I hated that one. I thought it was absolutely awful. This one however….It presses all the buttons and checks all the boxes for me.

What makes it that much better is how amazing Lady Gaga is in it. I never really pegged her as an actress but She is brilliant as The Countess.

I love her.

One of The other person I love Is Evan Peters. He is brilliant as Mr March. I did not recognise when I first saw him on my laptop Screen. I actually had to look him up.Since then I’ve spent several weeks trying to figure out who his character reminds me of.

Last week it finally hit me.

He reminds me of Mason Verger (The TV series version.) It’s the way he speaks.

While I was watching Flicker, I thought what a pair they make. Then I watched it again. This time I focused on Rudolph and Natacha, his wife. Did they really think that Mr  March would allow them to run off with his (very willing) wife?

Of course he wouldn’t allow it. He’s a very Powerful man. What I mean to say is that he has connections and enough money that if he wants to make people disappear he can.

He was not about to let anyone take away his wife.  So he had men knock them out.

When they woke up they found that they had been walled up in a Corridor of The Hotel where they stayed until Will Drake’s workmen uncovered and tore down the wall that trapped them in their Prison.

He let them out. Unintentionally though as he had no idea they were in there.

It’s understandable that Rudy and Natacha want revenge.

The Countess better watch her back.